Our weight loss summer special has expired. However, because of the popularity of the program, I will continue to offer a waiver of the initial consult fee of $250 with a three months of prepaid visits (non-refundable). Email me if you are interested.

Below is the text of the original summer special.

 Do you want to get closer to that "beach body" you once had? Now is the time to start!

And to get you started, I am offering a three month special on our phentermine-only program, the entire cost is $450* (normally $790 for new patients or $540 for past patients who haven't been in for 90 days). 

This program is ideal for those of you who want to lose 5-20 pounds. 

The special includes:

  • Four monthly 30 minute visits (initial visit and three monthly followups)
  • Phentermine (30 day supply for three months)
  • Diet and exercise guide
  • Body composition analysis at every visit

Optional add-ons: B12/MIC injections $25 each, Green tea extract $20 (three month supply - highly recommended)

*Fine print: Limited to new patients and patients that haven't had an office visit in the past 90 days. Non-refundable payment of $450 to be made on first visit. Lab fees (if necessary) are to be paid by patient. If you have had labs done in the past year, these are likely to be acceptable. Please forward them to Dr Jeff.