And the results are in…

Well, we are off to paradise tomorrow. My three week weight loss program is over. There will be way too many confounding variables while I am in Hawaii for the program to continue. While away there will be much more movement, more time in water, more sweat, more drink, different foods, more fun, etc., etc.

But here’s how the three week program went:

Started on Jan 1 with 190.6 lbs and 22.1 % body fat.

Ended on Jan 22 with 179.6 lbs and 19.9 % body fat.

I lost eleven pounds of total weight, gained a couple pounds of muscle, lost about ten pounds of fat. Not bad.

Most of my exercise was walking. I probably walked an average of 45′ everyday. Added some thermogenic supplements at the end. I went to the gym three times total.  So I could have done a lot better by adding those extra gym days (probably would have gotten that body fat down to the ideal 18%).

But part of the point of this exercise was to demonstrate that weight loss is not all about sweating and puffing in the gym. It is about proper food choices, proper timing of food, proper hormonal balance, and movement. Our paleolithic ancestors walked all day long in search of food. You should think the same.


Dr Jeff


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