Five days left till we board the plane. I have been walking the last ten minutes of every hour in addition to regular 30′ walk daily. To accelerate the fat burn, I have been taking EGCG (green tea extract) 450 mg three times daily and some additional thermogenic supplements in the morning.

And here is what happened:

Day 17: Weight 180.2 PBF 20.0

So, lost a total of  10.4 lbs and about two percent body fat in seventeen days (and one belt notch).

Almost there. Probably won’t reach 18.0 ideal body fat that I consider truly healthy, but we’ll see…

Dr. Jeff

PS: As this is a public forum, I should put in the disclaimer, that no weight loss program should be entered into without proper medical supervision. That said, there are many benefits to sustained weight loss, so find somebody to help you get started and go for it.

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