The wall…

A brief reminder for those who didn’t read my last blog entry. I got a little pudgy in December and resolved to lose the excess so I could be ogled on the beach in Hawaii come January 23.  I started Jan 2 with the EdmanClinic Weight Loss Program plus some minor modifications. Things were going great. By day 11, I had lost nearly eight pounds and nearly two percent body fat. Here’s how it was looking:

Starting weight: 190.6 Percent body fat 22.1

Day 3: Weight 188.4  PBF 22.0

Day 7: Weight 187.0  PBF 21.7

Day 9: Weight 184.0  PBF 20.7

Day 11: Weight 182.8 PBF 20.4

I was feeling good, a little cocky. Thought I had my goal in the bag (which initially was 12 lbs of weight loss). But then something happened that I hear from patients all the time, I hit a wall. My weight would not budge below that 182.8 for four days straight. I exercised more, ate a little less, even thought skinny thoughts, but nothing was going to convince that scale. Until this morning, it finally (and probably begrudgingly) yielded another pound. So here is we are at with seven days left to Hawaii:

Day 15: Weight 181.8 PBF 20.3

So, this is actually a good lesson in weight loss, because it demonstrates that quick 5-15 lbs that we almost all can lose (and quickly put back on). I believe that much of this weight is just water, some coming out with glycogen as our internal carbohydrate stores get depleted (particularly when shifting to a very low carb diet). Maybe a little is fat, perhaps the type of fat that is readily mobilizable when a sugar reserves get low. In any event, this often what I see in my patients rapid weight loss 10-15lbs in the first months then tapering off to a steady, healthy 5-7 lbs of pure fat loss in later months.

For me, however, I got just seven days to look good on the beach. Three to four more pounds. Here’s the plan: Increase walking to 10′ every hour beside the 45′ walk later in the day, get to gym at least three more times, take some thermogenic supplements like EGCG (green tea extract), and talk nicely to the scale.

Dr. Jeff

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